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A home renovation involves making significant changes to an existing residential property, such as altering its structure, layout, design, or functionality. It can range from minor updates to extensive transformations and can include various areas of the house. Common reasons for renovating a home include improving aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency, as well as increasing living space and addressing maintenance and repairs. Renovations can also add value to the property. The process involves planning, design, permits, material selection, hiring contractors, and overseeing construction. Clear vision, budgeting, and project management are essential for a successful renovation.


New home construction involves designing and building a new residential property from scratch. As an architect, I oversee the design and compliance with building codes. The process includes planning, obtaining permits, site preparation, constructing the foundation and structure, enclosing the home, adding interior finishes, and completing final touches. I collaborate with clients, obtain approvals, and work with contractors to ensure the construction meets quality and safety standards.


Small projects and interior renovations involve improving existing spaces by optimizing their layout and functionality, selecting appropriate finishes and materials, designing lighting and electrical systems, choosing furnishings and fixtures, ensuring compliance with building codes, and managing the project from start to finish. As an architect, I play a crucial role in guiding clients through the process, creating spaces that meet their needs and enhance their living or working environment.
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