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This home sits on three secluded acres nestled among many old growth trees and beautiful views of rolling hills and southern light.  Though, only built in 1988, the house has fallen into neglect and disrepair.  

This is an exciting project which will involve master planning the new landscape strategies for the site in relationship to the house renovation.  This project will be phased as it will be occupied during construction and will eventually have outbuildings and extended circulation added to the site as well.  

The house itself is being redesigned to better take advantage of views, natural light and its relationship to the landscape.

Follow along with the progress of the project and also get to learn about the process at Paper Tree Architecture + Design. 

If you like what you see, let us know.  If there is some aspect of design and construction you want to know more about, let us know that too.

Keswick Va Residence Renovation


1_Demo Plans-Floor 2.png


1_Demo Plans-Floor 1.png

1. Master Bedroom

2. Master Bathroom

3.  Full Bathroom

4.  Kitchen

5.  Bedroom

6.  Entry

7.  Closet

8.  Hallway

9.  Living Room

10.  Dining Room

11.  Sun Room

12.  Laundry / Water Filtration

13.  HVAC / Storage

14.  Walk-In Closet

15.  Family Room


As an experienced architect, I possess the expertise to assess the weaknesses of a layout and develop strategic approaches to optimize the strengths of existing building.  In Assessing the house, this is the summary of issues that need to be addressed:

Firstly, the overall layout feels closed and lacks natural light. This can create a sense of confinement and make the space feel gloomy and unwelcoming. It is important to introduce ample natural light into the design to enhance the overall ambiance and improve the occupants' well-being.

Additionally, the placement of windows in the center of each room limits the flexibility of furniture arrangement. This can lead to a restricted flow and hinder the creation of functional and visually appealing living spaces. Proper window placement should be carefully considered to maximize natural light, provide views, and allow for versatile furniture layouts.

Moving to the top floor, the circulation appears to be cramped and inefficient. Circulation spaces, such as hallways and staircases, should be well-designed to ensure smooth and comfortable movement throughout the floor. Furthermore, the floor plan misses the opportunity to take advantage of southern views and the abundance of natural light that could be gained from this orientation. Incorporating large windows or skylights in areas where the views and light are most favorable would greatly enhance the overall experience of the space.

On the other hand, the bottom floor suffers from oversized rooms that do not contribute significantly to the value or enjoyment of the house. This excess of space leads to inefficiency and wastefulness, where square footage could be better utilized for more functional purposes. It is crucial to optimize the use of space in order to create rooms that are appropriately sized and offer value in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

To summarize, the current floor plan exhibits several shortcomings. The lack of natural light and closed-off feeling detract from the overall quality of the space. The window placement limits furniture layout options, while the circulation on the top floor is cramped and fails to take advantage of potential views and natural light. Additionally, the oversized rooms on the bottom floor are unnecessary and inefficient in their use of space. Addressing these issues would greatly improve the functionality, aesthetics, and overall experience of the floor plan.

South Elevation_Gray Render_no trees.png





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metal roof.jpg
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